Our Story

Creating knitwear for kids brings a smile to my face every single day. — Lora, Creator and Owner

When I was younger, I would never have guessed I would be running my own business. In retrospect, it makes quite a lot of sense.


 Age 8 — Learned how to crochet from a former teacher

Having been homeschooled since the 2nd grade, I grew up accustomed to working solo. I would set foot in the “classroom” hours before my siblings to diligently get a jumpstart on my work. I always preferred to be ahead of schedule so that I could spend the afternoons “doing my own thing.”

Most of the time, this meant crocheting, a skill I quickly learned at the age of eight from a former teacher (now turned friend). After a handful of lessons under her instruction, I was able to complete an entire outfit in only a few hours. This served as inspiration to continue exploring the craft.

 Age 13 — Launched “The Crochet Sisters”

Within a few years (at the age of 13), I started an online crochet business with my 16 year-old sister. Naturally, we called it “The Crochet Sisters.” “The Crochet Sisters” was a brand that offered numerous styles of hats, rompers, and blankets — all of which were handmade and created using a variety of yarns and threads. My sister and I were thrilled to not only have our own business, but to also have the opportunity to ship our designs to customers as far away as France, Portugal, Japan, South Africa, Australia, Belgium, the Netherlands and the U.K. We even managed to catch the eye of a few professional photographers and have our pieces featured in newborn photoshoots around the world. Seeing this kind of progress, especially at such a young age, really pushed me to explore different craft styles.

 Age 19 — Realized passion for childcare and began nanny career 

After learning about knitting in one of my homeschool co-op classes, I became increasingly curious about the process. I dedicated hours to teaching myself through Google searches and YouTube videos and was hooked within a matter of weeks.

 Age 25 — Founded Pixie Pebbles to combine talent and passion

Knitting quickly became my passion, and as a career nanny, I began creating knitwear for the children in my care. That’s when the idea to start Pixie Pebbles was born.

Pixie Pebbles is (in many ways) my passion project. Creating knitwear for kids — pieces I know will be well-loved by parents, their little ones, and future generations — brings a smile to my face every single day. This heirloom quality of knitting embodies the essence of my work and is the very concept behind what I do at Pixie Pebbles — create sustainable knitwear for little people. Handmade today and heirloomed tomorrow.